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Microsoft Windows upgrade KB3000850 trashes system

Last night I downloaded and installed the KB3000850 upgrade on my Windows 8.1 laptop. Started at 5:40pm and didn’t finish until 9:08pm.

This morning, I had no internet access.  No web browsing, no email, even ping didn’t work.

But my old Vista machine on the same network was working OK.

I read problem reports (using my Vista machine of course) where other people lost various Windows functions after that upgrade. Quite a few of them thought it was a conflict with avast antivirus. I don’t have avast, I have Norton, and I definitely won’t disable it for a minute on a Windows machine connected to the internet.

Backed out KB3000850 and got internet access back. Lost several hours of my work day today in addition to the 3:28 it took the download/install last night.

Avoid KB3000850!



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