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Can’t get to Shopping Basket after ShopperPress migration

I took a backup of my live WordPress/ShopperPress site and used it to load up a test version of the site on my local wamp server. When I thought I had everything complete, I could no longer display the shopping basket by clicking on the shopping basket icon, and the Checkout button no longer took me to the Shopping Basket like it was supposed to.

This was a vexing problem that took many of my hours to work through. Here is a synopsis of the result.

My Checkout page is supposed to use a page template called ‘Checkout_template.’ Upon looking at the Checkout page in edit mode, there was no page attribute for ‘template page.’ Totally gone! Shows up fine on the live website.

I activated the twentytwelve theme, and then the page attibute for ‘template page’ appeared, but the drop-down list did not contain the templates I needed for ShopperPress. I re-activated ShopperPress and still no luck, the ShopperPress page templates were still not in the drop-down list. I had an older version of ShopperPress installed. I activated it, and voila! the page templates I needed for ShopperPress appeared in the drop-down list for the page attribute ‘template page.’

I selected the ‘Checkout_template’ and saved the page. Then I re-activated the new version of ShopperPress and everything was fine.

This is WordPress/ShopperPress weirdness at its finest.


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