MS Windows

Windows 10 Upgrade

Thought I would have some extra time over the long Thanksgiving weekend, so I updated my laptop to Windows 10. Not a pleasant experience.


New Site Launch – Never Summer Collection

Never Summer Collection is on the air! I created this website for a client who is a collector of custom knives, O-gauge trains, American coins and currency, and artwork.


Manage Image Galleries with iPad

Just got an iPad Air 2 running iOS 8.4 and need to find an image gallery plugin for a WordPress site that has good admin features on the iPad. I had NextGEN Gallery setup and running; it displays galleries fine on computers, iPhone, and iPad, but has severe problems when trying to manage the galleries […]

Theme Development

Making the twentythirteen header responsive

The twentythirteen theme worked well for a couple recent projects, but the header is huge and not responsive. It looks good on big monitors, but the header is too large on my laptop, and then it gets hidden altogether when the screen gets just a bit smaller.  Here is one way to make it responsive.

Weirdness WordPress

Image Upload of Same Named File

On a client’s website that sells artwork, I accidentally had 2 images with the same name uploaded to the Media library, call them file1 and file2. Same picture, different names.

Plugin Notes

Usage Notes: WordPress eCommerce

  To remove a product image: Admin -> Products -> pick product -> Edit -> Manage Product Image Gallery From next screen, select image to remove, then look at the Attachment Details. Find the ‘Delete Permanently’ link and click it Close the pop up window and the image still shows up on the product page. […]


Why doesn’t Featured Image work?

I’m creating a new theme, very basic and simple.  But I’ll be darned if I can get the Featured Image function to show up for pages and posts.


WordPress Uploads folder

The /wp-content/uploads folder in WordPress is usually the default destination for media files uploaded through the admin interface in WordPress. Thus /uploads is outside any individual theme, and accessible to all themes on the site.

MS Windows

Microsoft Windows upgrade KB3000850 trashes system

Last night I downloaded and installed the KB3000850 upgrade on my Windows 8.1 laptop. Started at 5:40pm and didn’t finish until 9:08pm. This morning, I had no internet access.  No web browsing, no email, even ping didn’t work.

Website Backup/Restore WordPress

Can’t get to Shopping Basket after ShopperPress migration

I took a backup of my live WordPress/ShopperPress site and used it to load up a test version of the site on my local wamp server. When I thought I had everything complete, I could no longer display the shopping basket by clicking on the shopping basket icon, and the Checkout button no longer took […]