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Windows 10 Upgrade

Thought I would have some extra time over the long Thanksgiving weekend, so I updated my laptop to Windows 10. Not a pleasant experience.

I’ve got a 3 year-old HP ENVY m4 laptop. It came with Windows 8 and I had upgraded it to 8.1.

I’ve been waiting to perform this upgrade in hopes MS would release some bug fixes and the OS might be fairly stable. So I backed up all my data files, updated Windows 8.1 with all the Important updates and driver updates, and ran the Windows 10 updater.

It takes a long, long time forĀ  this upgrade to complete. But it did complete. All my data files and applications appeared to be intact and working OK, but I had no sound! I tried to update the audio driver but no luck. I read a bunch of blog posts and spent an entire evening trying various things but I couldn’t get the audio back.

Finally bit the bullet and ran a recovery back to the factory install. Bummer! The recovery worked and I got my audio back, but it wiped out all my data and applications. I was then able to update the audio driver. Then I ran the Windows 10 updater again. This time it all seemed to work and my audio was OK.

Then I had to go through the onerous process of re-installing all my applications (being a web designer and small business owner, I have quite a few applications) and restoring my data .

My old wampserver didn’t want to work so I updated it to v2.5. The install went OK but then I learned they changed the way you set up multiple websites on the wampserver. Got that figured out now too.

So I’m back and running now. The HP Simplepass software with my fingerprint reader was causing a constant cursor clicking. Finally fixed it by deselecting some setup options and then re-enabling them.

I’ll update this post as more problems and solutions come about.


SimplePass v6 still has the constant cursor blinking problem when I activate the Launchsite option.


So I just can’t use the Launchsite option of SimplePass v6 any more. Bummer, that’s a handy feature.

Now I have a problem trying to print. I send a job to the printer, and I get an error saying the printer is offline. I know that’s not true. The printer is fine. I restart Windows, and the job prints.

Also having problems with my wireless connection. After I come out of standby mode, the wireless does not reconnect automatically like it is supposed too. About half the time I can get it to start manually. The other half the time, I have to restart Windows, and then the wireless connects automatically like it is supposed to.