Plugin Notes

Using Easy Watermark to watermark only some images

Finally got this plugin to work the way I wanted …. On one client site, we have a mixture of pictures, some we want watermarked, some we do not.

Open-source vs. Custom Code

The worst of both worlds

In another chapter of the open-source vs. custom code debate, this situation came about for me. I picked up a client that already had a website; a WordPress site with a “premium” theme. The advantages of the open-source WordPress code base have been negated by the proprietary premium theme.

Confusing Terms

Whats does ‘Tags’ mean?

Ever notice how WordPress uses the same words to mean different things? Tags WordPress pre-defined PHP functions, especially when used in  the term ‘template tags’. In other languages I’m familiar with, these would be known as builtin functions. Same term applied to the WordPress construct that is used to apply a meta-data “marker;” a way […]