Manage Image Galleries with iPad

Just got an iPad Air 2 running iOS 8.4 and need to find an image gallery plugin for a WordPress site that has good admin features on the iPad.

I had NextGEN Gallery setup and running; it displays galleries fine on computers, iPhone, and iPad, but has severe problems when trying to manage the galleries on the iPad.

On a page with a NextGEN Gallery, when you try to edit the Gallery, the NextGEN panels open in a pop-up that overlays the WordPress Edit page. The NextGEN panels are arranged with tabbed panes and an accordion. On iPad, the panes open and are so big they run off the bottom or right side of the screen (depending on whether you are holding the iPad in a landscape or portrait orientation.) So you can’t get at all the content, and there is no way to scroll the content to see it all. Further, the ‘Save’ button is at the bottom of the page, so you can’t get at it either. I noticed this problem when trying to use the Sort or Exclude Images function, and when opening a gallery to edit the alt text/title, description, or tags.

I sent a bug report from the nextgen gallery web page and got an answer today. In short, they know that managing NextGEN Galleries on an iPad doesn’t work, and they have no current plans to make it work; neither by changing the plugin or by creating an iPad app for managing the galleries.

So, I will be ditching NextGEN Gallery as soon as I find a suitable replacement. My client wants to use his iPad to manage his galleries.

Envira Gallery looks promising in early tests, so I will be migrating all my NextGEN Galleries into Envira Gallery tonight and running it through the paces. At least when you use the WordPress App on the iPad, the admin panels do behave properly; the galleries have scroll capability so you can get to all the content and the Publish/Update button. Looks like it will work good.

I found one small UI problem with Envira Gallery so far. When you open a gallery and want to edit the metadata, like add a title or description it’s hard to get the Edit Metadata panel to open.

At the top-left of each image there are 2 symbols and they are very close together. The red ‘X’ is for deleting the image. The blue ‘i’ opens the Edit Metadata panel. The symbols are very small and very close together. Many times when I try to tap the ‘i’ I accidentally hit the ‘x’ …. needless to say I do not want to delete the image. Luckily there is a confirmation pop-up that asks if you really want to delete the image, so you can cancel and then tap again.

Sometimes I tap and nothing happens, sometimes the wrong panel opens, and sometimes the right panel opens. It usually takes 3 or 4 taps to get the Edit Metadata panel to open.

Using a mouse on a computer it is very easy to hit the right symbol, but with my finger on an iPad it is difficult.